Lolegaon – What and Where to Eat

What to Eat

Normal food is available at Lolegaon.  Chicken and egg dominate non-veg dishes.  Momos, Thukpas, etc are local delicacies which can be tried.  Chicken Momo’s in the Tea Shop opposite Bus Stand are just too good. Bengali preparations are mostly available in hotel eateries. Availability of Fish is a rare.  Alcohol is however available.

Where to Eat

The Nature Resorts of West Bengal Forest Development Corporation has two Cafeterias serving good food under hygienic conditions amidst picturesque surroundings.  All items are as per the official menu card, and reasonably priced. Even if you are not staying at the FRH, you can avail this services

There are quite a few roadside eateries in the downtown area, with many private hotels catering to their boarders and outsiders.  Owing to a great number of Bengali tourists, some of these eateries arrange for Bengali cooks from the plains, and serve Bengali meals during peak tourist season. The price of food is reasonable considering the altitude and difficulty level.

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